Scholars of Color Forum Pre-Conference Workshop

This year, the CUFA Scholars of Color Forum in collaboration with local Chicago Public School teachers, will host a pre-conference workshop related to advocacy for undocumented students. The goal of this pre-conference workshop is to foster dialogue around a pressing educational and political issue that is necessary for social studies educators at all levels to address. The workshop will consist of conversations with teachers and scholars as well as the co-production of resources for social studies educators to consider in working with undocumented students.

Workshop space is limited to 30 participants and will take place Wednesday, November 28th, from 11:30am-1pm. A grab-n-go lunch from the conference hotel will be provided for workshop participants. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please fill out the registration form and indicate your lunch selection. Registration will close once 30 participants have registered or by Friday, October 19th, at 11:59pm.  A waitlist will be kept in the case of cancelations.

To register for the pre-conference workshop, please fill out Google registration form If you have any questions, please email the Program Chair, Chris Busey at  or

CUFA Grad Forum Conversation with Colleagues Topics

  1. Topical or Timeless? Choosing a Research Agenda
  2. Researcher Positionality and Responsibility
  3. Navigating the Contemporary Job Market
  4. Becoming Public Intellectuals: Research as Engaged Activism
  5. Research-Practice Partnerships (with Will Irvin, Manager of College Preparation at the Gary Comer Youth Center in Chicago)