Thursday Highlights


The CUFA Grad Forum will conduct their business meeting and election this morning at 8am in Grand Ballroom B. Additionally, SCUFF will host their roundtable session this morning at 9am in Grand Ballroom B.

Featured Sessions

Both of CUFA 2018’s featured sessions are scheduled for today. The first featured session entitled Expanding the Curricular & Intellectual Contours of Social Studies: A Conversation on Ethnic Studies and Social Studies Education, is scheduled for 10:30am in Grand Ballroom A. The second featured session—Issues, Trends, and Future Visions for Social Studies Education: A Chat with Journal and Book Series Editors—will be moderated by Dan Krutka and Michael Milton for the Visions of Ed Podcast and is scheduled for 3:30pm in Grand Ballroom A.

Java Lunches

Lunch today is on your own. However, we have several Java Networks scheduled if you are interested in discussing literature relevant to social studies research, theory, and practice over lunch. Check out the Java Network sign-up sheet and join the leaders for discussion relative to their indicated text, or feel free to use the lunch hour to network with colleagues and build community

Keynote and Business Meeting

We will conclude our conference with another outstanding researcher, Dr. Angela Valenzuela from the University of Texas. Please join us at 5pm in Grand Ballroom A for our closing keynote. The CUFA business meeting will immediately follow the closing keynote.

Closing Reception

The closing reception is scheduled for 6:45pm and will be hosted in the West Tower of the Hyatt Regency in Crystal Ballroom BC.


In addition to our first featured session, we have more Scholars of Color Forum sponsored sessions scheduled for today. Here is a sample of today’s presentations:

9-10:15, Columbus CD, Symposium

Family Dis/Connections: Reimagining School-Based Family History Research in Response to Colonial Contexts

9-10:15, Grand Ballroom A, Paper Session

Beyond Essentialism: Narratives of Intersectionality in Social Studies Education

10:30-11:45, Columbus EF, CID

When White Supremacist Perspectives Become One of the ‘Multiple’ Perspectives: Teacher Educators of Color Engaging During Troubling Times in the U.S. South

10:30-11:45, Columbus IJ, Paper Session

Nuancing Discourses on Gender and Sexuality in Social Studies Education

2:00-3:15, Columbus EF, Paper Session

Social Studies Education and Race, Part II: Critical Conversations in Teacher Education

2:00-3:15, Columbus IJ, CID

Interrumpiendo las fronteras de epistemologías, ontologías, y lenguajes en los estudios sociales

2:00-3:15, Grand Ballroom A, CID

Fake News: Why It Is Problematic and What We Can Do About It

3:30-4:45, Columbus CD, Collaborative Initiative

Traveling Beyond 90 Feet to Home: How the BASE-Chicago Encourages Active Student Citizenship

Again, thank you for your participation in the CUFA 2018 conference. If you have any questions, please stop by the CUFA information desk which will be located in the foyer area of the conference lobby.


Wednesday Highlights

CUFA 2018 is finally here. Check out some of the highlights for Wednesday and as well as important information heading into the first day of the program.


All sessions will take place in the East Tower of the Hyatt Regency. The Columbus and Grand Ballrooms are located two levels below the Hyatt Regency main lobby on the Ballroom Floor. Registration is also located on the Ballroom Floor.

Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi access is available for CUFA/NCSS attendees. Select the NCSS network and enter the password “NCSS2018” to connect to Wi-Fi.


On Wednesday afternoon at 1:10pm, Dr. David Stovall will officially open our conference in Grand Ballroom A.  Dr. Stovall is a Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and works with community organizations and schools to develop curriculum that addresses issues of equity and justice.  You do not want to miss out on this keynote.


The Scholars of Color Forum is hosting their pre-conference workshop from 11:30am-1pm in Columbus G on advocacy for undocumented students and families. The CUFA Graduate Forum also kick off their roundtable sessions at 10am followed by their Conversation with Colleagues workshop at noon.


We have outstanding sessions lined up throughout the three-day conference experience. This is just a sample of what tomorrow’s sessions include:

2:30-3:45, Columbus G, Paper Session

Civic and Citizenship Education of a Different Hue: [Critical] Race Theories and Perspectives from Communities of Color

2:30-3:45, Columbus EF, Paper Session

Newspeak 2018: Challenging Untruths and the Narrowing of Thought

2:30-3:45, Columbus IJ, Collaborative Initiative

Inquiry as a Wrecking Ball: Tearing Down Walls and Stereotypes in Incarcerated Secondary Classroom Environments

2:30-3:45, Columbus KL, CID

Broadening the Conceptualization of LGBTQ+ Allyship in Social Studies Research

4:00-5:15, Columbus CD, Symposium

Tensions, Complexities & Contradictions in the Teaching of Immigration

4:00-5:15, Columbus H, Symposium

Confronting Capitalism in Social Studies Teaching and Teacher Education

4:00-5:15, Columbus KL, Collaborative Initiative

An Activist, Spoken-word Poet, Museum Educator, and a Couple Profs Walk into a Theatre: Community Collaborations in Theatre and Film