Call for Nominations for the Early Career Scholar Award

This award, made to a scholar in the early (pre-tenured) stages of his/her career (with degree awarded during or after 2012), recognizes a significant program of research on important problems of theory and/or practice in the area of social education. The recipient of this award must be engaged in scholarly inquiry that extends a significant line of research, addresses new and/or persistent issues of concern to the field, fills a gap in current knowledge, or raises significant questions about extant knowledge. In addition, the awardee should be engaged in studying problems or questions that are timely and that contribute to current debates or dilemmas of theory and/or practice. The scholar’s body of work must be characterized by conceptual and/or empirical significance, rigor, coherence, and sophistication, and must hold potential to contribute significantly to scholarship in the field. Nominees must be members of CUFA at the time of the nomination. Candidates for this award may nominate themselves or be nominated by others (in the latter case, please ensure that the candidate is aware of the nomination and agrees to be nominated). Nomination packages should include:  1) a two-page letter explaining how the nominee’s research agenda(s) and publications meet the award criteria stated above; 2) a current CV, and 3) three recent publications that help make the case for the nomination (as determined in the letter).

Nomination packets are due to no later than Friday, September 14, 2018.